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Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris (First director of UK SRG Forest): Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris was the first chairman of the UK smokers rights group FOREST.


Former chairman of the Cheshire Foundation. Preceeded Stephen Eyres in the position of director at FOREST. Was a former Air Chief Marshal. Was asked in 1979 to put out the pipe he was smoking while waiting in a Reading railway station. Became "concerned by what he saw as the erosion of personal liberty through such forthcoming measures as obligatory seat belts, compulsory crash helmets and restrictions on smokers' 'rights'. " Decided action was needed. Recruited Eyres in 1981from the Freedom Organization. The tobacco industry provided the initial 12,000 pounds to start FOREST. (Defending the Right to Smoke, Illustrated London News, Sept. 1983--502658734/8734)

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