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Christian Bailey is Executive Vice President of capital markets at the Lincoln Group. [1]


Christian Martin Jozefowicz

"What is even more remarkable however, after an investigation by The Times, is that just ten years ago Christian Bailey, whose US company is under investigation for planting fake news stories in Iraqi newspapers, was a nerdy, socially awkward English school-leaver called Jozefowicz," Patrick Foster and Tim Reid reported in the UK's Times Online December 24, 2005.

"The transformation of the geeky but ambitious Christian Jozefowicz, who just a few years ago was growing up in a modest terraced house in Godalming, Surrey, to the charming, baby-faced multimillionaire Christian Bailey now rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful figures in Washington — and who next year will probably face questions on Capitol Hill about his company — is one of the more extraordinary stories to have emerged from the Iraq war," Foster and Reid wrote.

"The journey from the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, which Mr Bailey left in 1994, to the heart of K Street in Washington, the centre of money and influence in the US capital, has been remarkably rapid. Today he has a reputation in Washington for being a socialite with links to influential Republicans. He is a helicopter and aircraft pilot and his home is in a fashionable area.

"Through a Lincoln Group spokesman, Mr Bailey answered questions from The Times to help to explain how, at just 30, he landed the Pentagon as an important client. He was born Christian Martin Jozefowicz on November 28, 1975, in Kingston upon Thames, to Jerzy and Anne Jozefowicz.

"His father, a Polish architect, died in April 1998. His mother, who has since reverted to her maiden name of Seifert, was born in West Germany. The family lived in East Molesey, southwest London, before moving to Godalming, Surrey," Foster and Reid wrote.

"He founded a Young Enterprise company, Chameleon, which led to his selection as one of the top six Young Enterprise participants in Britain.

"His school yearbook records Christian Jozefowicz as 'Mr Business himself' and that he was elected vice-president of the International Student Forum, a business gathering in the US. In 1994 he won a place at Lincoln College, Oxford, where he read economics and management. He kept computers in his room, thought for monitoring the stock markets.

"In his third year at Oxford he hired an assistant to help him to run his first proper company, Linck Ltd, which sold self-help tapes. In 1998, he changed his name to Bailey. 'Following his father’s death, Bailey assumed the name for family reasons, something which children commonly do,' a Lincoln Group spokesman said. In the late 1990s he moved to San Francisco to try his hand as a dotcom entrepreneur, and then to New York, where he became treasurer of the Oxonian Society, a club for intellectual Anglophiles. He became co-chairman of a networking group for young Republicans. With his Republican contacts growing, Mr Bailey moved to Washington, where he spotted a golden business opportunity: the looming war in Iraq. He formed a partnership with Paige Craig, a former US Marine who served in Iraq.

"In early 2003, just before the invasion, Mr Bailey formed a Lincoln subsidiary, the Lincoln Alliance Corp, offering 'tailored intelligence services [for] government clients faced with intelligence challenges'. He also formed another subsidiary, Iraqex, which won a $6 million Pentagon contract to launch 'an aggressive advertising and PR campaign that will accurately inform the Iraqi people of the coalition’s goals and gain their support'," Foster and Reid wrote.

Lincoln Group

According to his Lincoln Group profile:

"As Executive Vice President, Christian Bailey leads the evaluation and structuring of emerging markets investment transactions, as well as the development of key partner and co-investor relationships. Investments completed to date include four in Iraq: steel reprocessing at six sites near Basra, property in Baghdad, and two brick factories near Erbil. Mr. Bailey also develops key partner relationships supporting Lincoln Group's professional services arm supporting commercial and government clients with information gathering & analysis; and outreach through PR, advertising & strategic communications. Mr. Bailey formerly served as a Managing Director at Lincoln Asset Management Group where he led the defense technology private equity group. Previously, Mr. Bailey founded Akaru, an international trade logistics provider which became the largest worldwide in automating customs clearance and settlement and was ultimately acquired by NewChannel in 2001. After stepping down as CEO, Mr. Bailey was invited to serve as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at one of Akaru's Venture Capital investors in Palo Alto, CA where he advised portfolio companies and identified, evaluated and developed emerging technology investments, including sourcing and nurturing spin-outs from Raytheon and Kodak. Mr. Bailey has served as a volunteer with and officer of Junior Achievement and DonorsChoose. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford."

Lincoln Asset Management

According to his Lincoln Asset Management profile:

"Christian Bailey began work on advanced econometric and risk management models at the University of Oxford where he conducted research under Dr Robert Bacon, an advisor to the IMF and the World Bank. His research included optimizing the RiskMetrics Technical Documents first published by JP Morgan in 1994. Bailey has continued to develop numerous quantitative models and led pioneering research into the application of novel information technologies to financial markets.
"Previously, Bailey gained experience in the proprietary trading group at Kleinwort Benson, the UK investment bank, before their acquisition by Dresdner Bank. He went on to work at Barclays Bank's International Corporate Group where developed global risk-management systems.
"Bailey has also engaged in entrepreneurial and organizational roles. Most recently, he was the founder of Express Action, Inc., a provider of International Trade Logistics solutions. The company successfully raised $15M in first round debt and equity funding and grew to 45 employees under Bailey's leadership. After recruiting another CEO, he continued to serve as a Board Member until the company was acquired.
"Bailey is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as an Associated Person. He holds a BA and an MA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford."


In 1999 Bailey left the U.K. for the U.S. to try to become a dotcom entrepreneur in California. He later moved to New York. In 2003, Bailey was treasurer of the Oxonian Society in New York, a social club for British expatriates and pro-British Americans. [2]

Bailey formed close ties with young Republicans and became a co-chair of Lead 21, an organisation linking business and politics. It also is known for being a big donor to the Republican Party. [3]

In the fall of 2004, Bailey formed a Lincoln subsidiary, called Iraqex, which formed a partnership with another American Public relations company called The Rendon Group, which had played a key role in promoting Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress. [4]

In September 2004, Iraqex won a $US 6M Pentagon contract to design and execute "an aggressive advertising and PR campaign that will accurately inform the Iraqi people of the Coalition's goals and gain their support". [5]

Other affiliations

  • Blogger Beltway Pinto Beans reported December 2, 2005, that "Christian Bailey was listed as being intimately involved in the 2004 Republican Party National Convention held in New York City. Christian Bailey was a FOUNDING member of Lead 21, a fast moving group of young wealthy republicans, yet in the past two days, any mention of him has simply VANISHED from their website."
  • Bailey's September 2005 speaker profile for "Private Equity World Middle East 2005" held at The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, stated that he "serves on the boards of DonorsChoose and the Oxonian Society."
  • Bailey's March 2006 speaker profile for "Hedge Funds World Middle East 2006" to be held March 6-9, 2006 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, repeats the claim that he "serves on the boards of DonorsChoose and the Oxonian Society, and as Co-Chairman of Lead21 in New York."


  • No information has been located regarding Akaru or "Akaru's Venture Capital". In his September 2005 speaker's profile, it stated that Bailey "subsequently served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at "AVF Ventures" in Palo Alto, CA. This company has also not been located.
  • Bailey's name does not appear as a member of the DonorsChoose National Board of Directors nor as a member of the Honorary Board of the Oxonian Society.

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  • "Christian Bailey", Lincoln Group, accessed December 2005. (Go to 'About Us', 'Professionals' and follow the link to Craig's bio note).

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