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Christopher Edward Ulyatt is the General Manager of Fergco Pty Ltd, an Australian web design company. He ran his own company from 1988, then merged with Fergco. He has designed websites for the Lavoisier Group, the Bennelong Society and the HR Nicholls Society. (all interconnected ultra-libertarian organizations in Australia)

He has a doctorate in political studies (Doctor of Philosophy) from the University of Western Australia (1989)

From 1987 to 1991 he was employed by the Australian Institute for Public Policy which was the 'Dry' (conservative) think tank created by Liberal politician John Hyde in Perth, Western Australia. Hyde subsequently became a member of the Liberal Government in Canberra, and he shifted most of his think-tank operations to the Eastern States and melded the AIPP into Melbourne's conservative/libertarian think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. Hyde then became the nominal CEO of the IPA. (There was also briefly a Singapore branch which provided lobbying services to the palm oil industry) Ulyatt followed Hyde to Melbourne and became Editorial Director of the merged AIPP and IPA.

The headquarters of the IPA was in Melbourne, with a branch in Adelaide run for a time by perennial commentator and curmudgeon Gerard Henderson. After Henderson fell out with the Bannon Government and newspaper readers in South Australia over his virulent attacks on the SA Government 'hypocrisy' (exempting Formula 1 racing from cigarette sponsorship bans) Henderson and his wife Anne migrated to Sydney and set up a NSW branch of the IPA.


The IPA had been co-founded by a Liberal zealot, Charles W Kemp, as a fund-raiser and big-business influencer of the Menzies Government. The think-tank was later run by his sons Rod (Liberal politician) and David (lawyer) Kemp. They later handed it over via a merger with the AIPP to John Hyde and his deputy J Ray Johnstone (Physiologist, Uni of WA) -- then it was passed to Mike Nahan (later WA State treasurer and leader of the Opposition) and Alan Moran.

Rupert Murdoch's father together with some Victorian manufacturers and mining magnates funded and supported the IPA during its founding years, and Rupert Murdock was a still a director into the 1970s. He was keynote speaker at their anniversary celebrations in 2012

Ulyatt appears to have migrated from Perth to the eastern states, following Hyde, and from 1991 to 1998 he was Editorial Director at the IPA. He was responsible for the publication of John Luik's "Smokescreen ' passive smoking' & Public Policy" for the tobacco industry in July 1996. [1]. This was just a quick rehash of a pamphlet already produced for the UK tobacco industry, with some input from J Ray Johnstone.

Ulyatt continued to be actively involved in a number of right-wing and business lobby groups. Ray Evans of the HR Nicholls Society noting that he "provided us with a degree of service which goes far beyond the normal bounds of a commercial relationship". [2]


"Smokescreen 'Passive Smoking & Public Policy" by John Luik and JR Johnstone (publisher)

"Health Scare, the Misuse of Science in Public Health" by JR Johnstone and Chris Ulyatt.

"Making the Nanny State Honest"