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Chris Lehane is a partner at Fabiani and Lehane, a U.S.-based PR firm.[1]

Lehane states that he has provided "strategic advice and tactical execution to corporate, entertainment, political and professional sports clients facing complex financial, communications, government affairs and legal challenges" since 2001. He also states that he was worked on "successful presidential, gubernatorial, congressional and initiative/referendum campaigns."[1]

Prior to forming Fabiani and Lehane, Lehane worked as:

  • Press Secretary to Vice President Al Gore (White House position)[1]
  • Press Secretary to Al Gore (2000 presidential campaign)[1]
  • Special Assistant Counsel to President Bill Clinton (1995-1997)[1]
    • Provided "legal, communications and political counsel" to Bill and Hillary Clinton (White House position)[1]
  • Bill Clinton for President (1992 campaign)[1]

Lehane received a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1994. His received his undergraduate degree from Amrherst College in 1990. He lives in San Francisco.[1]



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