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The Centre for Social Justice "is an independent think tank established, by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004, to seek effective solutions to the poverty that blight parts of Britain." [1]

"Tom Slater (2012) has written about how the think tank the Centre for Social Justice has been engaged in agnotology, the ‘production of ignorance’ on the subject of welfare reform, ‘to manufacture doubt with respect to the structural causes of unemployment and poverty, and to give the impression that “welfare” is a lifestyle choice made by dysfunctional families despite the fact that considerable social scientific evidence shatters that impression’ (p.950)." [1]


Accessed August 2008: [2]



Advisory Council

Accessed December 2011: [3]


  • Slater, T. (2012) ‘The myth of ‘Broken Britain’: Welfare reform and the Production of Ignorance. Antipode, 46, 4, 948-969.


Web: http://www.centreforsocialjustice.org.uk

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