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From the Center for National Policy web page:

Over the last two decades, CNP has contributed to policy debates on key issues of U.S. national interest, focusing activities in four program areas: economic analysis, equal opportunity, community studies and foreign policy. CNP uses findings from its public opinion research and undertakes technical, substantive and political research and analysis to frame options and to formulate policy recommendations. CNP's access to a wide range of influential and thoughtful policymakers, opinion leaders, prominent scholars and other experts allows it to produce insightful reports and studies and assemble vibrant and provocative discussions that bring new approaches and innovative ideas to the Washington dialogue.
CNP is governed by an active and distinguished Board of Directors. Leon E. Panetta - former congressman, Office of Management and Budget director and White House chief of staff, who now leads the Panetta Institute for Public Policy - assumed chairmanship of the CNP Board of Directors in January 2000. CNP Board members represent a broad mix from the business, labor, non-profit and foundation sectors. Maureen S. Steinbruner succeeded Madeleine K. Albright as President of CNP in 1993. CNP operates with a small core staff and works with its national and adjunct fellows, policy associates, the private sector, labor and nonprofit organizations and academia to carry out its projects.

"Previous Presidents and Chairmen of CNP include three former U.S. secretaries of state: Madeleine Albright, Edmund Muskie and Cyrus Vance. Other CNP Board members have included former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas Foley, former Republican members of Congress Jack Buechner and Rod Chandler, and former Democratic members of Congress John Brademas and Michael Barnes." [1]


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