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Center for Community Solutions

"In 1913, community and business leaders founded the Federation for Charity and Philanthropy to organize and coordinate the solicitation, distribution, and use of public charitable dollars. They developed the first modern Community Chest in the U.S. and educated the public about health and social issues and programs.

"In 1917, the Federation merged with the city's Welfare Council and became The Welfare Federation of Cleveland. It continued allocating funds and providing services for member agencies, and expanded its work in community planning, research, advocacy, and community education.

"In the late 1960s, a major reorganization occurred in the way in which local services were planned, organized, and funded. The result was creation in 1972 of two new community organizations, including the Federation for Community Planning, a broadly-based, voluntary, citizen-led community planning body focusing on people and their problems.

"In 1996, the Federation changed its organizational structure and began to focus its resources on specific issues for specific periods of time; later, the organization ceased to have member agencies. These changes led to a decision to change the organization's name in 2004 to The Center for Community Solutions." [1]


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