Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy

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The Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy is a private, non-partisan research and advisory organization focused on information, technology, and national security policy and related issues.

The Center seeks to inform and influence national and international policy- and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors by providing sound, objective analysis, insight, and advice; in particular by identifying and articulating issues that lie at the intersection of technologically enabled change and existing practice in public policy, law, and industry.

The Center is dedicated to developing and advocating policies that are pro-technology and pro-economic development but progressive, sustainable and humane. The Center advocates information and communication policies that promote individual freedom, democracy, and civil liberties while supporting and protecting global and national security, capital investment and intellectual property.

In addition to its independent research activities and public engagements the Center provides select advisory services to policy-makers in government and decision-makers in the private sector.

The Center is also a partner in the Global Information Society Project, a joint research effort of the Center and the World Policy Institute.

The Global Information Society Project has research Programs in Law Enforcement and National Security in the Information Age (, Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Policy (, Information Operations, Information Assurance, and Operational Resilience (, Environment and Energy Policy (, and Intellectual Property and Trade (, among others.