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The 2020 Democratic primary includes many candidates with a legitimate shot to win.

Media outlets and pollsters use opinion polls to gauge candidate support. As of January 23, 2019, fewer than two weeks before the first contest in Iowa, FiveThirtyEight showed four candidates leading in national polling averages: Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg, in that order.[1] As of this same time, RealClearPolitics showed the same candidates leading in the same order.[2]

While Biden enjoys a lead in national polling, the numbers in the first four early states, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, are much closer. Additionally, Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg have all enjoyed a lead in the polling of at least one of these first four voting states.

Furthermore, a national poll in September 2019 found that 63% of Democratic voters, while leaning towards one candidate, could imagine changing their mind. In mid-October 2019, the number was still 53%.[3]

This being said, it seems reasonable to assume that many Democratic voters have not yet become fully invested in the race and are waiting until closer to the primaries/caucuses in their states to become more informed.

We created these SourceWatch pages as a project to summarize the news and controversies, political stances, key votes, polling, funding, and endorsements related to these leading candidates.


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