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Caroline Lucas

"Elected in 1999, Caroline Lucas is the Green Party MEP representing the South-East of England. She sits on the European Parliament Trade and Environment Committees as well as being Vice President of the Parliament’s Animal Welfare Intergroup. Her work – both within the Parliament and in her constituency – includes peace and human rights, international trade and development, transport, planning and health issues and animal welfare." [1]

"She serves as Vice President of the Animal Welfare and Globlisation cross-party Intergroups, Co-President of the Peace Initiatives intergroup and is a member of the Parliament's Permanent Delegation to Palestine...

"She is a Vice-president of the RSPCA and the Stop the War Coalition, a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's National Council, a Director of the International Forum on Globalization and an Advisory Board Member of the ‘Protect the Local, Globally’ and 'Centre for a Social Europe' think-tanks, a patron of Action for UN Renewal, and a matron of the Women's Environmmental Network." [2]

Caroline Lucas was elected to the Westminster Parliament in the 2010 general election, being the first Green Party MP in the British Parliament. She represents the seat of Brighton pavillion[3]

On 26 March 2013 she helped launch the People's Assembly.


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