Caribbean Conservation Association

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The Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) "exists to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations of the Caribbean by facilitating the development and implementation of policies, programmes and practices, which contribute to the sustainable management of the region's natural and cultural resources." [1]

Board of Directors (2005 - 2006)

Executive Committee

Ordinary Members

  • To be named Individual Member
  • To be Named Representing organizational member, British Virgin Islands National Trust
  • Ermath Harrigan Representing organizational member Caribbean Forest and Conservation Association
  • Kate Orchard Representing organizational member Brimstone Hill Fortress Society
  • Keith Laurie Representing organizational member the Barbados National Trust
  • Neetha Selliah Representing organizational member CERMES

Government Members

  • Lana McPhail - Representing the Government of Grenada
  • Hopeton Heron - Representing the Government of Jamaica
  • Michael Andrew - Representing the Government of St. Lucia
  • To be named - Representing the Government of Aruba