Campaign for Conservative Democracy

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The Campaign for Conservative Democracy is a pressure group within the Conservative Party.

"The Campaign for Conservative Democracy is a group of members of the Conservative Party who believe that our democracy is under threat and we must therefore, both defend and promote it including within the Conservative Party."

Although there have been major reforms within the Conservative Party in the last year, the Party is still undemocratic. The true test of a democratic organisation is whether the members of that organisation are able to change the way the organisation governs itself on a basis of One Member, One Vote. The Conservative Party does not meet this test. A dozen MPs can block any major change to the constitution. We will continue to press for change.

In the meantime the Labour Government is changing the Nation's Constitution in many ways. Our democracy is under threat. A Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies, Regional Government, House of Lords Reform, European Parliament - in all these parts of our Constitution democracy is being ignored.


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