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The California Strawberry Commission is the organization representing the California strawberry industry. California provides nearly 90 percent of U.S. strawberries.

Methyl Iodide

Previously, strawberry growers used methyl bromide - a potent ozone depleting chemical - as a soil fumigant. The chemical was pumped into the soil before strawberries were planted to kill all soil organisms. With the international phaseout of methyl bromide, the industry looked to a new chemical: methyl iodide. Despite outcry by the scientific community, the EPA approved the use of methyl iodide during the George W. Bush presidency. However, California required the chemical to undergo a state review process before it could be used in California.

According to Pesticide Action Network, methyl iodide is used in labs to induce cancer because it is such a reliable carcinogen. When used as a soil fumigant, workers and bystanders will be exposed to dangerous levels of this chemical. However, the California Strawberry Commission still advocates for the legalization of methyl iodide in California.


  • California Strawberry Commission
  • 180 Westridge Drive
  • Watsonville, CA 95076-6683
  • (831) 724-1301

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