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Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) "targets government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests" and "will help Americans use litigation to shine a light on those who betray the public trust," according to its website.


CREW uses the following methods to try to keep officials honest: [1]

Example of CREW's work

In 2007, CREW asked U.S. Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-IA) to investigate Stephen A. Moses who poses as an independent expert in long-term care insurance. The CREW website states, "CREW sent a letter to U.S. Senator Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, asking that he initiate an investigation into Moses and his organization, for posing as an independent expert from a respected think tank, rather than his true role as a front man for the long-term care industry. Additionally, this past December, CREW sent letters to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Association of State Medicaid Directors warning them of Mr. Moses’ ties to the long-term care insurance industry in advance of his national tour.

"According to his website,, Moses has testified as an independent expert on long-term care before two-thirds of the nation’s state legislatures and has been actively working to create legislation to benefit the industry in states throughout the country. Moses is not, however, actually independent." [2]

Top ten ethics scandals of 2007

CREW lists the following as the top ten ethics scandals in 2007: [3]

Top Ten Ethics Scandals of 2008

CREW lists the following as the top ten ethics scandals in 2008:[4]

  • Unchecked Congressional Ethics
  • No Guarantee that Bush Administration Records will be Properly Archived
  • Speech or Debate Clause
  • The Pay-to-Play Congress
  • Enriching Family with Campaign Cash
  • Controversial Presidential Pardons
  • Veteran's Administration Officials Intentionally Misdiagnosing PTSD
  • Bailout Oversight
  • Political Calculations Dictate Border Fence Placement
  • A Politicized Bush Justice Department




CREW is funded in part by individuals who are members of the Democracy Alliance.

Contact details

1400 Eye Street NW
Suite 450
Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: (202) 408-5565

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