Bureau of International Security Affairs

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According to a 1969 oral interview by Harry McPherson,

"The Defense Department has a bureau called the Bureau of International Security Affairs--it's more or less the state department of the Defense Department, it's the crowd that thinks about military assistance programs and about our general posture abroad. It was formerly led by Bill Bundy, who went on over to State from there, by John MacNaughton who became Secretary of Navy and was killed last year, and then by Paul Warnke, a lawyer formerly with Covington and Burling here. A number of people who had been there during the earlier regimes were still there. They had had doubts about Viet Nam for a long time. Paul Warnke developed his own doubts once he got there. So when Clifford arrived, they were ready to go and ready to provide him, in effect, with a turn-around strategy. I suspect that an awful lot of it amounted to questions for him to ask the Joint Chiefs."[1]