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Bryan Campen, New Media Director/Advisor, Long Now Foundation.

"Since 02007, Bryan has developed digital presence for Long Now across a range of social networks and virtual worlds from Twitter and Facebook, to Linkedin and Meetup. Bryan also collaborates on the live-stream and live-blogging of our Seminar series, and assisted in the production of the online side of our 77 Million Paintings Opening which took place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 02007. Currently projects range from development of strategy for the Long Now Foundation's social media presence, work on development of the Seminar series and digital community, and the drafting of a starter kit for Long Now meetups.

"During the 02008 presidential campaign, Bryan served full-time at Obama for America Headquarters in Schedule and Advance and Campaign Finance. Prior to that, he worked as Online Communications Coordinator for White House advisor Eboo Patel at Interfaith Youth Core of Chicago, a non profit which works to increase cooperation and reduce violence between youth of differing faiths through coordinated, global community action.

"As a writer and filmmaker, Bryan also shoots documentary shorts on gospel musicians in rural Illinois, is writing a screenplay on the life of Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov, and documents his father's ongoing struggle with manic depression through photographs.

"Bryan attended Marymount Manhattan College in New York and Wheaton College in Illinois, and received his BA in Communication from Wheaton College with an emphasis in film and journalism in 02005. He recently guest-lectured and debated issues related to ethics and technology as part of their Applied Ethics series." [1]

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