Brown & Williamson targets 15 year old smokers in the Philippines

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Like the other cigarette companies, the Brown & Williamson tobacco company (B&W) targeted children for its cigarette marketing. A 1983 market analysis titled, A Youth Market Lifestyle Survey, shows B&W's intention to create a new brand of cigarette especially to market to youth as young as 15 years in the Philippines. In the document, they refer to the "number of sticks smoked per day" and surveyed youngsters to find what types of media they paid attention to, how often they attended sporting events and concerts and more. A key quote from the document states,

The client plans to introduce a new brand of cigarette in the Philippines which will target the youth market. Client thus commissioned a research to unearth consumer information which would generate creative inputs in devising a promotional campaign for the new product... ....Highlights 1. Client's target market for its new brand of cigarettes, which consists of males aged 15 to 29 years who come from upper, middle and upper-lower economic classes, is a mix of extroverts (who indulge in sports, dine and drink out, and go to parties and the disco) and introverts (who spend their leisure time watching television, listening to the radio and reading)...[1]


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