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Brian Carnell is the administrator and main contributor to, a blog and news-posting site that has a goal of "debunking the animal rights movement." was first registered on: 06-May-1998.[1]

Examples of essays and commentaries.

  • In March 2007 Carnell made a blog post, based on an Ottawa Citizen report[2], which stated that "pro-seal hunt filmmaker Raoul Jomphe claims that representatives with the Humane Society of the United States were displeased that the caught them on film ignoring the suffering of a seal that the animal rights activists were using as a prop for a fund raising video."[3] However, according to follow-up article by the journalist who wrote the initial story, stated "What he (Jomphe) doesn’t tell you is that it would have been illegal for us to do so," she said Monday. "Under the marine mammal regulations, only people with sealing licenses can kill seals. But more importantly, we didn't have the means or the equipment or the expertise to do that in a way that would not simply increase that animal’s suffering." Aldworth said she initially decided not to rescue the seal, because she believed it wouldn’t survive a helicopter ride to a veterinary hospital. More than an hour later, she said she realized it could be treated. "Just as we were making arrangements to fly this seal back, the sealers came back and clubbed a lot of live seals in the area, including this one, and stabbed it through the skull with a metal spike," she said. "We go up there to protect these animals and to try and stop this hunt, because this is something that happens so frequently in the course of this slaughter … and to have somebody edit a sequence of events to suggest that we would ever prolong the suffering of an animal to get video footage is obscene."[4] A comment on Carnell's post, which pointed to the later stary reporting Aldowrth's comments more completely, was published.[5] However, Carnell's blog site does not include a post on the second story.

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