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Biographical Information

"Brendan O’Regan was the first Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, where he worked from 1975 until his death in 1992. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the National University of Ireland and a Master of Science degree in neurochemistry from Indiana University. Prior to joining the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he served as Research Coordinator for R. Buckminster Fuller, research consultant to Stanford Research Institute’s Center for the Study of Social Policy, and consultant for BBC Television. He was appointed by the Fetzer Institute as a Fetzer Fellow to assist in guidance of their scientific, medical and educational programs. He was a member of the Commonwealth Clinic Advisory Board.

"His first major research grant through the Institute of Noetic Sciences was to O. Carl Simonton and Stephanie Simonton for their early unorthodox treatment of cancer through the use of inner imagery; now the use of imagery as an adjunct therapy has been widely accepted. O’Regan’s research program on "Inner Mechanisms of the Healing Response" anticipated the now widely recognized area of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). The concept document and the initial treatment for the television program entitled The Heart of Healing were prepared by Brendan O’Regan and David Kennard. IONS' database on spontaneous remission and the publication of An Annotated Bibliography of Spontaneous Remission were produced under O’Regan’s direction.

"Brendan’s contributions to the field of mind-body research were formally acknowledged by the Association for Humanistic Psychology with the Gerturde Enclow Award in 1989 and by the Rafael Foundation with the Rafael Award in 1991."[1]


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