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Founded in 2002 the Bravewell Collaborative aims to establish "a practice-based research network in integrative medicine that will study the benefits of an integrative approach to care, and to identify partners with whom larger-scale research projects can be conducted that demonstrate the positive health outcomes and economic benefits of integrative models of care." [1]

"Bravewell is not some flaky New Age group. Among its 29 members are Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic, the pacemaker company; Bruce Dayton, the former CEO of the Dayton Hudson retail store chain; and Bill Sarnoff, nephew of RCA founder David Sarnoff...

"Her husband John Mack, a Wall Street titan, who himself is chairman of the board of trustees of New York Presbyterian Hospital, says he has been “moved by the passion and dedication of Christy’s doctors to improving people’s health by treating the whole person, not just the disease” by means of drugs and surgery...

"Bravewell is aiming its proselytizing guns at university medical centers, attempting to promote the construction of integrative health facilities. It funded the development of the curricula on the topic for medical schools and trains 30 doctors a year in integrative medicine at a cost of $30,000 per doctor, using the works of Andrew Weil, a best-selling author and guru in the wellness field. And it gives a biannual $100,000 prize to recipients of its Bravewell Leadership Award, given to doctor who have made a big impact within the field...

"Bravewell was formed when Penny George invited Mack, physicians and philanthropists to come together to create an agenda for change. Months later, they brought together philanthropist friends at Pocantico, the Rockefeller homestead, where it was decided their unique collaborative could “stimulate a new revolution in how we care for our health,” Mack says..." [2]


Accessed July 2013: [3]

(*denotes Board of Directors)

Advisory Board

Accessed July 2013: [4]

  • Kathy Foley - Chair of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in pain research
  • Ralph Snyderman - Chancellor Emeritus and James B. Duke Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Duke University
  • Father Walter Smith - President, HealthCare Chaplaincy
  • John J. Mack - Chairman of the Board, Morgan Stanley
  • Judith Moyers - President, Public Affairs Television
  • Diane Neimann - Senior Strategic and Philanthropic Advisor
  • Mehmet Oz - Professor of Surgery, Integrative Medicine Medical Director, Attending Surgeon, Columbia University



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