Borger Refinery

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Borger Refinery
company ConocoPhillips
State Texas
location Borger
current capacity 146,000 bpd
projected capacity 200,000 pbd
project cost $300,000,000
project type expansion
projected operational 2009

Project Summary

$3.8 billion expansion to increase processing of Canadian tar sands from 30% of feedstock to 80- 90%. The draft permits are for "significant source modification" (the "construction permit," netting out of NSR) and "significant permit modification" (Title V "operating permit").

Permitting Status

Part of larger project to increase total production capacity and to devote almost all new and existing capacity to tar sand crude. Together with ConocoPhillips' Wood River Refinery in Illinois, the company plans to increase total capacity from 450,000 bpd to 600,000 bpd, and increase processing of tar sand oil from 60,000 bpd to 555,000 bpd [1][2]

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