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"In May 2007, the Ellingers and their small team launched Bolder Giving. Their goal was to encourage would-be bold givers and to publicly celebrate those who were already giving boldly. Their “50% League” was featured in the Chronicle on Philanthropy, People Magazine, CBS news and more. Three years later… breakthrough! Melinda Gates publicly acknowledged the 50% League stories as an inspiration behind the billionaire’s Giving Pledge (which to date, has unleashed over $170 billion in giving commitments). And out of the blue, the Gates Foundation offered Bolder Giving a three-year matching grant to build the capacity to reach a much wider audience.

"With this new wind in their sales, in July 2010 the Ellingers and the Bolder Giving Board hired Jason Franklin to head Bolder Giving." [1]

"We salute the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their contribution to Bolder Giving and for their leadership in promoting greater giving. We are overjoyed that other institutional funders are coming forward to help us meet the Gates Foundation’s three-year matching grant: Ford Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies. " [2]


Accessed October 2011: [3]

Advisors and Volunteers

"We are grateful to the many people who have encouraged this project –most especially all the Bolder Givers for the gift of their stories, and to our original advisors group below.

"We also appreciate the many volunteers and interns who have made this project flourish, most especially our long-term supporters Carmen Lee and David Ludlow. We thank Rikk Larsen, John Ellsworth, Maureen Lamb, Nancy Patton, Elizabeth Wohlers, and past Board members Rob Kanzer, Catherine Seo, Peter Kent, Bill Lyons, and Katrina Browne." [4]



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