Bloody Ramadan

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The violence by radical Muslims especially on their month of Ramadan.

The Independent wrote in 1996 that Algerian rebels marked 'Ramadan in blood', [1] the IHT calls on Indonesia regarding the Ache region, Acehnese insurgents are warning of a bloody Ramadan in 1999 [2], In November 2000 the BBC wrote: Bloody Ramadan. The latest upsurge in violence by Islamic militants in Algeria [3] so it ended in December 27, 2000 A "Bloody Ramadan": Ramadan which just ended, was marred in Algeria by the deaths of over 200 people in the intensified fighting between Muslim extremists demanding an Islamic fundamentalist state, and Algeria's secretive military regime [4]. In November 29, 2003 'BLOODY RAMADAN COVER STORY' in worldmag: This Islamic holy month has been brutal for the targets of al-Qaeda terror." [5] and how Der Spiegel Described it in 2003 in Iraq [6], In 2006 NyPost wrote an update on Iraq: RAMADAN'S BLOODY START [7], in October 5, 2006 NPR: Predictions of another bloody Ramadan in Iraq have already been confirmed. [8], By AFP in October 23, 2006 US troops slain as Iraq marks end to bloody Ramadan [9], in 2007 US general warned of bloody Ramadan attacks in Iraq [10] & "confirmation" came about [11].