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Articles by and Interviews with Lomborg

On Lomborg

2002 to 2005
  • Policy Lass (pseudonym) (2010-11-13). Don’t worry. Be happy. The Policy Lass. Retrieved on 2010-11-14. “" a nutshell?

Don’t worry. Be happy. Yes, that’s right, folks. As far as I can tell, [Lomborg's] message is this: We can’t make proper decisions if we think we have a gun at our heads. Alarmism on the part of environmentalists and climate scientists prevents a rational discussion. We can’t properly prioritize our goals and objectives if we feel under threat. Luckily, there is no gun. There is such a thing as global warming, and it is important, but not as important as people have led you to believe. His main points flows from one to the other: There is no gun to our heads. The sense people have that things are getting worse is a myth. Things are getting better and better. ..."”

Critics of Lomborg

Defenders of Lomborg