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Biographical Information

"Bhavani (Holly B.) Lev, pursuing her life long passion for Truth and Love, became a mother at 20 and a yoga teacher at 26. Personally trained and certified by Sri Swami Satchidananda, Bhavani also became a yoga therapist and Chair of The Lotus Center for Health in 1985. In 1990 Bhavani founded her own yoga center, Living Yoga Inc. in Charlottesville VA.

"Bhavani's passion for 'the truth of who we really are' brought her to the feet of Sri Harilal Poonjaji, lovingly known as Papaji in May 1996, in Lucknow, India. Bhavani stayed with Papaji in India, and continued to live there after Papaji left his body in September 1997. While in Lucknow, Bhavani met Bharat Mitra, and he first asked her to join him in his company, and then as his wife.

"Together Bhavani and Bharat Mitra created the vision, mission and values of ORGANIC INDIA Pvt. Ltd, a company whose vision is "To be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market", a company which serves sustainability at every step, from the earth to the farmers, to the employees and to the end users of their premium quality health products, including the now globally famous Tulsi Tea.

Besides stewarding ORGANIC INDIA and being a grandmother, Bhavani also continues to teach yoga and pranayama privately and at retreats. Bhavani is a Director of The StarFire Fund (USA), Director of The Bet Lev Foundation (USA), and a core partner of Gold Lake Insight Intensive (CO, USA). Bhavani also offers her services as a healer, she is a Quantum Healing Hypno-therapist trained by Dolores Cannon, a certified PSYCH-K instructor and trained in The Work of Byron Katie."[1]


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