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Bethany A. Noble was a vice president of the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), working for Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), and vice president at Williams Mullen Strategies (WMS) , before she joined the international law and lobbying firm 'Greenberg Traurig LLP' in May 2004 as Director of Federal Marketing.

While working for PFF and ATR, she had contact with RJ Reynolds for those organizations. [1] [2] [3]

Since Ms. Noble is no longer working for WMS, information about her can no longer be found at their web site. But this is what was written about her on the WMS 'team' page:

"Bethany Noble focuses on the arena where policy, politics and corporate interests intersect. Her work at WMS ranges from coalition management to political fundraising and coordination of non-traditional allies. Through her years of fundraising work for political causes, she has developed strong ties to members of Washington's corporate and interest group communities, relationships that are instrumental when she is orchestrating the fundraising activities of Members of Congress. Ms. Noble continues to organize national and international policy conferences with academics, foreign dignitaries, policy makers, high-ranking public officials and Members of Congress." [4]

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