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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (also spelled Binyamin Natanyahu) has also served as Israel's Finance Minister.

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  • "Natanyahu called for a national referendum on Sharon's plan,", September 14, 2004: "Binyamin Natanyahu, the Israeli Finance Minister, has called for a national referendum on plans to withdraw Israeli settlements and troops from Gaza. ... He strongly opposes the unilateral withdrawal from Palestinian territory planned by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."


  • "Israel's Netanyahu mounts new challenge on Gaza," Reuters, June 2, 2005: "Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday he would withdraw support for a planned Gaza withdrawal that he says emboldens militants. ... With Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon assured of a solid cabinet majority for the plan anyway, Netanyahu's remarks were seen mainly as a new challenge to supplant Sharon's leadership in the rightist Likud Party once the pullout is over."