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This Philip Morris (PM) memo considers using cigarette additives as a way to medicate the general public for dental caries, reducing anxiety, cold symptoms, improving moods, etc. through the cigarettes.

The memo makes frequent reference to how careful PM must be not to trigger U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation. There are references to using third parties to promote potential beneficial additives. The document debates the value of various therapeutic additives to the company if they cannot be advertised. Ideas like breath freshener, odor reducers and reducing oral plaque are considered good, while Idea 20, an idea to reduce biological activity (cancer-causing characteristics) brushes off the obvious -- "Additives to reduce biological activity are not considered worth pursing at this time ...T he idea might be worth pursuing when we have identified specific compounds responsible for activity."

Title Beneficial Additive Cigarette
Date 19810319 (March 19, 1981)
Type Memorandum, list
Bates 1000123662/3666
Collection Philip Morris
Pages 5

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