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Barry Cooper, B.A. (UBC), A.M., Ph.D (Duke), F.R.S.C., teaches political theory and Canadian politics and political thought and public policy in the Department of Political Science, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Friends of Science

"Dr. Cooper is affiliated with the Friends of Science. They have produced a video called Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: What You're Not Being Told About the Science of Climate Change," his UC bio states.

"According to a recent article in the Globe & Mail by Charles Montgomery, the Friends of Science financed their lobbying efforts, including a production of a DVD entitled 'Climate Catastrophe Avoided.' in the following way." Prof Barry Cooper at University of Calgary "established the Science Education Fund. Donations were made by 'we don't know who' to the Calgary Foundation. Its donors are kept anonymous, but they do get tax receipts. The Calgary Foundation then donated to the Science Education Fund, which then paid the costs incurred by the Friends of Science, more than $200,000 was provided over 2 years."

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