Asystasia gangetica

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Asystasia gangetica is a plant in the Acanthaceae family that is widely distributed in most of tropical Africa.[1] It is a "scrambling, prostrate or erect weak-stemmed herb 45-100 cm high." The leaves are dark green and as long as 8cm and 5cm wide.

Cultivation in Kenya

In Kenya A. gangetica grows mainly in the coastal and Western regions. It's found in forests, at forest edges, and disturbed areas. Farmers do not plant it, it just comes up when it rains and is harvested as a wild food.

"Uses: Food: Leaves used as a vegetable (Digo, Giriama, Luo, Luhya). Cooking time is normally brief (Mijikenda). Also used as a vegetable in southern Africa."[1]

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