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Aristides W. Georgantas

"As Chairman of the NJN Foundation from its inception in August 1993 until October 2000, Aristides Georgantas has championed the role of public broadcasting in our communities.

"Mr. Georgantas’ election as Chairman came at a challenging time in NJN Public Television’s history. In 1993, NJN was facing a significant reduction in public sector support and a legislative plan to wean the organization completely from public funding. Mr. Georgantas accepted the challenge and provided valuable leadership first, to build a strong NJN Foundation Board of Trustees, and second, to develop key initiatives to lead fundraising activities to support NJN.

"From 1994 to 2000, the NJN Foundation experienced a 78% increase in revenue, growing from $3.6 million to approximately $6.4 million (for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2000). Each year also has reflected an increase in revenue. To achieve these significant results, Mr. Georgantas always has led by example, hosting NJN’s first major donor dinner at the Nassau Club in Princeton, and personally committing a major gift each year. He also has been instrumental in developing the NJN Gala into the organization’s single largest fundraising event.

"A former Executive Vice President of The Chase Manhattan Bank, and Chairman and CEO of Chemical Bank New Jersey NA, Mr. Georgantas has assisted in developing a Board of Trustees that reflects the diversity of New Jersey’s citizens and industries. In addition to his role as Founding Chairman, Mr. Georgantas, a longtime New Jersey resident, is a passionate advocate for NJN’s digital conversion. He has written about the power of digital technology to expand NJN’s instructional, informational, and cultural programs and services for the benefit of all New Jersey citizens in the 21st century.

"Through his many examples of leadership and advocacy, Mr. Georgantas inspires Board members to take seriously the charge of Trusteeship by actively participating in NJN’s fundraising activities, by educating others about the importance of NJN’s programs and services to the people of New Jersey, and by encouraging a broader vision for public broadcasting as we embark on this new digital era.

"Mr. Georgantas was elected Trustee Emeritus by the Foundation Board of Trustees in October 2005." [1]

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