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"April Carter is a senior editor of the International Encyclopedia of Peace to be published by Oxford University Press (New York) and is researching the implications of nonviolent resistance for mainstream political theory. She has previously lectured at the Universities of Lancaster, Oxford and Queensland. She was a member of the Alternative Defence Commission in the 1980s and a contributor to Defence Without the Bomb (Taylor and Francis 1983), and wrote a study Success and Failure in Arms Control Negotiations for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Oxford University Press, 1989).

"Her most recent books are The Political Theory of Global Citizenship (Routledge 2001 and 2006 in paperback) and Direct Action and Democracy Today (Polity, 2005). She compiled with Howard Clark and Michael Randle People Power and Protest Since 1945: A Bibliography of Nonviolent Action (Housmans Bookshop, 2006)." [1] wiki

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