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1. Remunerated directorships

  • Chairman (non-executive), Eden Research plc, formerly XiMed PLC; pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Transense Technologies PLC (non-executive); development of tyre monitoring technology.
  • Angel Gate Limited (formerly AKMA Solutions International Ltd.) and subsidiary companies; property development refurbishment in the UK and overseas.
  • Chairman (non-executive), Red Eagle Resources PLC; investing in agriculture and natural resources in Sierra Leone.
  • Biometrics Security Quantum Inc. (formerly S Q Cell Inc), registered in Canada; specialising in security document technology.
  • Chairman (non-executive) of Multi Media Television plc (interactive digital television through the Job Channel and interactive digital television consultancy).
  • Chairman (non-executive) of Psi X pda Ltd; developing, manufacturing and distributing Palm compact comupters based on Psion technology (until November 2003).
  • Non-executive director, The Midwest Group (investments in Sierra Leone).
  • Icon Biometrics plc (UK company taking forward Biometric Security Quantums technology in the UK and Europe.
  • Chairman, non-executive, 3DM Europe Ltd, an AIM-listed company; owners and promoters in Europe of US and other patents relating to plastics.

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

  • Practising barrister.
  • Executive Partner in Diamond Film Partnership; a UK partnership promoting UK film and television production rights.

4. Sponsorship or financial or material support

Annual donation to the North Oxfordshire Conservative Association made by Jim Perry, a constituent who is also Chief Executive of Transense Technologies PLC, a company of which I am a non-executive director.

I employ a research assistant who receives some funding direct from the Lighting Industry Federation, solely in connection with work that she does in support of the Associate All-Party Lighting Group.

5. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)

An engraved silver salver, given to me by members of the North Oxfordshire Conservative Association to mark my having been a Member of Parliament for Banbury for 20 years. (Registered 13 October 2003)

6. Overseas visits

14-19 January 2003, to Israel and Palestine, sponsored by Christian Aid. (Registered 13 January 2003)

8. Land and Property

  • A flat in central London, from which rental income is received.
  • A cottage in Oxfordshire from which rent is paid.

9. Registrable shareholdings

(a) Angel Gate Limited (formerly AKMA Solutions International Ltd.)
Mastermailer Group Limited.
(b) 3DM PLC
Transense Technologies PLC.
Eden Research plc, formerly pXiMed PLC (share options).
Medpharma PLC.
Multi Media Television plc (share options).