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Anteon International Corporation was a military subcontractor based in Virginia specializing in simulators and training of interrogators. Anteon also provided IT and computer support to the federal government, primarily in defense and high risk areas. In 2006 General Dynamics Network Systems, a division of General Dynamics, bought Anteon. As a result of the merger, the new company was renamed General Dynamics Information Technology. [1]


An archived page on the company from before its merger with General Dynamics stated:

We are a leading provider of information technology solutions and advanced engineering services to government clients. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, we have a 28 year corporate history marked by continual growth in revenue and customer base. We currently have approximately 8,600 employees at over 100 offices serving more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Revenue for 2003 was $1.042 billion. The remaining contract value, previously referred to as “backlog” was $5.6 billion at year-end 2003. We are led by a senior management team whose members average over 20 years of management experience and nearly eight years of tenure with Anteon. [2]

This is what Pratap Chatterjee had to say about the company:

Among the private contractors cashing in on the privatization boom is Virginia-based Anteon International Corp., which has grown tenfold in the last decade. The company has become one of the nation's primary contractors for intelligence sharing, intelligence training and video game warfare simulators. One of Anteon's offices is located on the Huachuca base itself, while the second sits a mile away on Main Street, in a bright, freshly-painted pink building, sandwiched between Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with whom it shares a parking lot, and Filiberto's Mexican restaurant.
Although Anteon first came into existence in 1976, its profits really began to soar 20 years later, when former investment banker Frederick Iseman bought the company assets for a mere $48 million. Today, Anteon's annual revenues exceed a billion dollars and its share price has jumped from it's initial public offering of $18 to $36 in the last three years.[1]

Board and Personnel

Board of directors


Joint Ventures


Lobbying Expenditures

Defense Electronics Industry
Year Amount Firm
1999 $20,000 Advantage Associates, Inc.
2001 $0 PMA Group
2002 $100,000 Parry Romani DeConcini & Symms ($60K); PMA Group ($40K)
2003 $180,000 PMA Group ($110K); Parry, Romani ($80K)
2004 $160,000 PMA Group ($80K); Copeland, Lowery & Jacquez ($40K); Joel S. Lisker ($40K)
2005 $20,000 Joel S Lisker


Contact details

3211 Jermantown Road
Suite 700
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703-246-0200


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