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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) is a non-profit organization that organizes, coordinates, and promotes the interests of some of the largest corporations and trade associations in the business of animal livestock, animal drugs, genetically engineered foods and crops and other related issues. Charlie Arnot of CMA Consulting (and Chairman of the Alliance until May 2004) spoke at the 2006 Animal Agriculture Alliance conference.[1]

From May 2010 to April 2011, the Alliance reported a total annual revenue of $416,217.[2]

History and Goals

The Alliance was established in 2001 and describes its role primarily in public relations terms of ensuring "consistent, accurate messages based on sound science are communicated to the general public."[3] However, the organization also has held anti-terrorism training courses for the food, agriculture and animal industries since 2004.[4]

The organization states that it:[3]

  • "educates consumers, teachers and the media;
  • serves as a resource for those who seek information about animal production;
  • monitors emerging issues;
  • mobilizes emergency response if a member requests assistance;
  • promotes the development of animal care guidelines and third party verification; and
  • programs that are consistent with the Alliance Animal Care Principles;
  • conducts media and crisis management workshops upon request."


The Alliance does not disclose who its specific major funders are. On its website it states that funding comes from "livestock and poultry producers, individuals who make their living in animal agriculture, retailers, producers and their associations, feed and other input supplier companies, animal health companies, and consumers who want the truth based on sound science and the freedom of choice about their food."[3]

The Alliance's annual return to the Internal Revenue Service for the year to April 2004 states that the group had a total revenue of $483,287.[5]

On page 12 of its annual return which asks the Alliance to describe any sharing of resources with other organizations it discloses "sharing of officer, facilities, reimbursed for personnel & other expenses" with the American Feed Industry Association.[5]


Officers and Directors

As of 2013, the Executive Committee consists of:[6]

  • Dr. Christopher Ashworth, Chair
  • Pete Block
  • Joel Brandenburger
  • Don Butler
  • Jeff Cannon
  • Dr. Jamie Jonker
  • Sherrie Niekamp, Treasurer
  • Paul Pressley, Chair-Elect
  • Donna Stephens

As of 2013, the Board Members inclide:[7]

  • Dr. Adnan Aydin
  • Mark Etienne
  • Billy Frey
  • John Graettinger
  • Gene Gregory
  • Roger W. Hadley
  • Dr. Robert Hagevoort
  • Dallas Hockman
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Dr. Paul Matzat
  • Sarah Novak
  • Scott Oler
  • Peter Orwick
  • Dr. Ashley Peterson
  • Aaron Putze
  • Dr. Kathy Simmons
  • Mary Kay Thatcher
  • Ross Wilson
  • Derek Yancey

As of 2009, the Board of Directors included:

Past board members also include:[13]

In December 2004 the Alliance announced two new directors of the board, though it was unclear whether they were additional members or replacing existing members. [2] The two were:

  • Jeff Hill, Board Member and Director of Animal Welfare and System Design at Premium Standard Farms; and
  • Cliff Becker, Board Member and Group Publisher at Vance Publishing Corporation;

Former personnel

Contact details

Animal Agriculture Alliance
1501 Wilson Blvd Ste 1100,
Arlington, VA 22209

P.O. Box 9522
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Phone: (703) 562-5160
Email: info AT

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