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Anibal Romero is a political science professor at Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela [1].

Opposition to Hugo Chavez

Romero is a prominent critic of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. In February 2005, the Associated Press quoted Romero as saying of Chavez's rule, "Venezuelan society has become poorer and, in addition, divided" [2].

Also in early February 2005, Romero featured in "The Iron Fist of Hugo Chavez", an anti-Chavez piece on the Fox News website: "Political science professor Anibal Romero called Chavez a 'dangerous fellow, a confused person who is deeply anti-American and is prepared to do terrible things'." [3]

Romero is no stranger to using inflammatory language about Chavez. In July 2002 the Baltimore Chronicle reported that:

Now, on the eve of the July 11 march, the anti-Chávez rhetoric is getting increasingly violent. In the last couple of weeks, Anibal Romero, a columnist for the anti-Chávez daily El Nacional, called the president "a cancer that must be eradicated even at the cost of a civil war." [4]


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