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"Andy Whittaker is a trainer, author and part-time stand-up comic. Andy is also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer and master of time line therapy but, good news folks, he doesn’t like to brag about it. He is firmly rooted in the real world has been described as the best thing to come out of Morecambe since the M6 motorway. Andy is Lancashire’s answer to Anthony Robbins (great big fella from America who does an amazing job of motivating people and walks on fire.) Andy is also a very nice bloke. Andy has spent a great deal of time observing behaviour in companies big and small. More importantly, he has spent his time learning about leadership, communication, human interaction and positive psychology. Andy co-wrote ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ with the other Andy and has claimed all the really good bits as his own. The ‘Art of Brilliance’ team has recently adapted their hugely successful business leaders’ programme to meet the needs of teachers, parents and teenagers. Andy counts bravery as one of his strengths. Good job really as he’s at the forefront of school delivery."[1]


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