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Andrew D. Lundquist is a principal in the firm of Lundquist, Nethercutt & Griles LLC (LNG Associates), renamed from the Lundquist Group, LLC in January 2005 when former U.S. Representative George R. Nethercutt, Jr. (R-Wash.) and former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles joined the lobbying firm. [1]


Cheney Task Force

"Lundquist also has been a controversial figure," Associated Press writer Matthew Daly reported January 31, 2005. "In January 2001, [Vice President Dick] Cheney named the Energy Department employee to direct a task force that wrote a national energy policy.

"Environmental groups criticized the task force for holding secret meetings with the energy industry, but Lundquist has said he met with hundreds of people from energy companies to conservation groups to consumer groups.

"In a lawsuit seeking information about the task force meetings, the Natural Resources Defense Council subpoenaed Lundquist, saying he 'holds a critical missing piece of the puzzle about how the Bush energy plan was developed.'

"Lundquist, a native of Fairbanks, Alaska, was a top aide to Sens. Frank Murkowski and Ted Stevens, both R-Alaska, before joining the Bush administration. He has denied wrongdoing," Daly wrote.

"'I can understand why people would like to know,' he told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner in 2002. 'There's been a lot of discussion about how it was run and, to be honest, it was a very open process.'

"Cheney's task force, which has disbanded, called for increasing the nation's supply of energy through expanded oil and gas drilling on public land and rejuvenating nuclear power," Daly wrote.

North Korean Oil

"An interesting link from North Korean Oil Reserves to the current American Presidential Administration is Andrew D. Lundquist. SOCO International PLC is a British Oil Company that was spun off from Snyder Oil Corporation of Texas according to Asian energy expert Dr. Keun-Wook Paik.

"Former Snyder Oil execs John Snyder and Roger Cagle are part of the board of directors of SOCO International PLC. They were part of Snyder Oil as was Andrew D. Lundquist. Andrew Lundquist was part of senior management for SOCO Gas Systems Inc [American]. Andrew Lundquist was most famously the 'director of the National Energy Policy Development Group and senior advisor to President [George W.] Bush and Vice President Cheney on energy issues'. This was the Cheney task force that the GAO sued in a failed attempt to retrieve Energy records. SOCO International PLC has a 9600 square kilometer offshore oil lease concession in North Korea ('PSC') that it picked up 1998. They will probably need a downstream South Korean or American partner to make money if oil is found. SOCO International PLC is also highly involved in Vietnam and was highly involved in Russia. [They seem to have a penchant for exploring for oil in countries of which America was once at war.]" [2]

Natural Gas Alliance and Hydraulic Fracturing

According to the US government lobbyist disclosure database Lundquist's company, Bluewater Strategies, has been paid $540,000 between 2010 and 2012 to represent the views of America's Natural Gas Alliance - a pro-natural gas, pro-hydro fracturing - to elected officials in Congress, as well as staff in the Obama White House and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).[3]


LNG Biography

According to his LNG biography, Andrew Lundquist "provides legislative, regulatory, management and strategic advice to companies worldwide. As director of the National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG), Mr. Lundquist spearheaded the cabinet-level task force led by Vice President Dick Cheney that produced President Bush’s National Energy Policy. Mr. Lundquist worked closely with the secretaries of Energy, the Interior, Commerce, the Treasury, Transportation, Agriculture and State, as well as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to develop the president’s energy policy. Following its issuance, Mr. Lundquist served as senior advisor and strategist on energy issues for President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Before working at the White House, Mr. Lundquist spent 14 years on Capitol Hill, the last three of which were as majority staff director of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. For seven years he was a senior legislative assistant for Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska.

"Mr. Lundquist also serves on several corporate and government boards. He is a director for Pioneer Natural Resources Company, a Dallas, Texas-based oil and gas company. He is a director for AREVA Enterprises, Inc., the American division of the French nuclear company AREVA. And he is a member of the secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board, which advises the secretary on general issues of importance to the U.S. Department of Energy and to U.S. energy policy.

"Mr. Lundquist holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Alaska and a juris doctor from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law. He and his wife, Maryellen, have four children."


Lundquist joined the the Pioneer Natural Resource Company's Board of Directors in September 2004, "in accordance with the terms of the Company's merger with Evergreen, after having served as an independent director on Evergreen's Board of Directors since November 2002." [4]




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