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"Besides Naftogaz, Amos holds the position of SVP Marketing at Tellurian (US). Before that, he served as the US Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs and led the US Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources. As the US “Energy Diplomat,” Amos Hochstein oversaw global US energy foreign policy engagement and advised the Secretary of State and the Vice President of the US on global energy markets.

"As Special Envoy, Amos Hochstein led the engagement to strengthen Europe’s energy security through diversification of natural gas resources; authored the White House Caribbean Energy Security Initiative; chaired the President’s US - Caribbean and US - Central American Energy Security Task Force; led US efforts to promote global fuel switching to natural gas and develop stronger natural gas markets throughout Asia and South Asia. Working closely with the Department of Defense, Mr. Hochstein led the US efforts to diminish ISIL and other terrorist groups’ profits from energy assets. Prior to serving in the State Department, Mr. Hochstein served in a variety of senior level positions on Capitol Hill and advised energy companies entering and developing new markets." [1]

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