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Amo Houghton, "served as a United States Representative from the state of New York, 29th Congressional District. He is the founder of the John Quincy Adams Society which brings together moderat office holders with top business leaders, and is also a founding member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, which seeks to strenghten the political center. Amo has served on serval boards of major corporations, including Proctor & Gamble, IBM , Citicorp, N.Y. Telephone, B.F. Goodrich and Genentech. He is a former trustee of St. Paul's School, the Brookings Institution, a former member of the Harvard Board of Overseers, a past director of the Episcopal Theological Seminary and holds 16 honorary degrees. He now serves as a board member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, and is a special intern for Bishop Tom Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts." [1]

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