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The American Liberty Alliance, (ALA) according to its Web site, is "is a national network of grassroots activists who are fighting to promote and defend the cause of individual liberty, free market principles and limited government."

ALA's Executive Director is Libertarian Web activist Eric Odom. Its Director of Operations is Amy Hagerstrom.

ALA lists among its projects the Tax Day Tea Party, and the "American Liberty Tour", which features "Joe the Plumber" and ALA Executive Director Eric Odom. The "American Liberty Tour" consists of a commercial passenger-sized bus (Greyhound Bus size), professionally painted with the group's logo and the slogan, "Defiance, not fear" painted on the side. The ALA also created a Web site called "Healthcare Horse Race," which features a photo of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache. The site opposes health care reform in the U.S. [1] [2][3]

Withdrawal of support for Tea Party Nation

On January 13, 2010, Eric Odom one of the organizers of the American Liberty Alliance announced that that ALA, which had agreed to co-sponsor the National Tea Party Convention, was withdrawing its support from the Convention in protest over the infrastructure of the Tea Party Nation and the way its finances "are channeled through private bank accounts and Paypal accounts." Tea Party Nation is registered as a for-profit corporation. [4]


The ALA Web site does not provide any information about its funders.


The ALA collaborates on its national bus tour with the American Majority and Americans for Limited Government.[5]

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The ALA Web site provides no address or telephone number.


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