American Council for Affordable and Reliable Energy

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American Council for Affordable and Reliable Energy (ACARE)

According to the website,[1]
this organization is described as
"a coalition of businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals who support public policies that encourage the production and delivery of the energy required by a growing economy."
They claim to "advocate public policies on energy" and state that "These public policies should not arbitrarily or unfairly discriminate among energy sources and should be based on sound science and cost-effective and growth-promoting government regulation".[2]


Mike Carey, unsuccessful 2008 Republican candidate for Ohio House of Representatives [3] is listed as President and Executive Director of ACARE.
Mike Carey is also the President of the Ohio Coal Association.[4], board member of the United Conservatives of Ohio[5], and a guest speaker at the 2nd Annual Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party[6] in Cleveland, Ohio sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots

Contact Info

Contact info on the website refers to the PR firm Advocacy Ink.

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