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The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) was established in 1993 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization, "to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship by emphasizing the fundamentals of the alliance — the values our nations share. [1] Its Executive Director, Mitchell G. Bard served as editor of the Near East Report, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) weekly newsletter on U.S. Middle East policy. Prior to working at AIPAC, Dr. Bard served as a senior analyst in the polling division of the 1988 Bush campaign.[2]

Board of Directors

As of June 8, 2006, the site listed the following board of directors.[3]

Objectives and purposes

  • To provide a vehicle for the research, study, discussion and exchange of views concerning nonmilitary cooperation between the peoples and governments of the United States and Israel.
  • To facilitate the formation of partnerships between Israelis and Americans.
  • To publicize joint activities, and the benefits accruing to America and Israel from them.
  • To explore issues of common historical interest to the peoples and governments of the United States and Israel.
  • To sponsor research, conferences and documentaries.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse on joint U.S.-Israeli activities.
  • To provide educational materials on Jewish history and culture.
  • To promote scholarship in the field of Israel studies.


Hebrew University’s YACHAD peer tutoring program

Guilford County adapted the program in 1996 as “Reading Together” to improve reading skills of second-graders and enhancing the self-esteem of the fifth grade tutors. The program is now being used in 207 schools in 14 states.


AICE produces reports for individual states on how they can benefit from cooperation, trade and academic and cultural exchanges with Israel. It publishes studes to identify specific programs and approaches that can benefit Americans.

  • Breakthrough Dividend: Israeli Innovations In Biotechnology That Could Benefit
  • Building Bridges: Lessons For America From Novel Israeli Approaches To Promote Coexistence
  • Experience Counts: Innovative Programs For The Elderly In Israel That Can Benefit Americans
  • Good Medicine: Israeli Innovations In Health Care That Could Benefit Americans
  • Learning Together: Israeli Innovations In Education That Could Benefit Americans
  • Partners for Change: How U.S.-Israel Cooperation Can Benefit America
  • Rewriting History in Textbooks
  • Myths & Facts Online: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Tenured or Tenuous: Defining the Role of Faculty in Supporting Israel on Campus


AICE cosponsored Berga: Soldiers Of Another War

Jewish Virtual Library

The library has articles on history, women, the Holocaust, travel, Israel & The States, maps, politics, biography, Israel, religion, Judaic treasures of the Library of Congress, vital Statistics and reference. [4]

Israel Scholar Development Fund

The fund identifies U.S. and Israeli scholars who could be placed in visiting professorships and offers universities matching funds to hire a visiting scholar. It briefs scholars on issues, provide them media training, and encourages them to educate the public through public lectures and media appearances. It identifies students who want to become Israel/Middle East scholars and offer them scholarships for graduate study. It promotes Israel studies through identifying institutions that could and should have pro-Israel scholars. It advises philanthropists on where positions should be created to have the greatest impact, and how to do it so their intentions "are not frustrated."


AICE maintains a database on joint U.S.-Israel activities, both governmental and non-governmental, including all recipients of grants from the three binational foundations: the Binational Science Foundation (BSF), the Binational Agricultural Research and Development Foundation (BARD) and the Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD). Its Economic Partnership Databank contains information on more than 10,000 U.S. companies doing business in or with Israel.


AICE website accessed on June 6, 2006 All sections without footnotes are from the "About Us" page. Footnote paragraphs have links to other sections of the webpage.

Contact Information

2810 Blaine Drive
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone: 301-565-3918
Fax: 301-587-9056
Email: mgbard AT