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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

America's Farmers is a front group for Monsanto, claiming to promote the importance of American agriculture. According to its website, "the America's Farmers campaign is an advocacy program celebrating U.S. farmers through communications, awards and special programs."[1]

Monsanto claims the purpose of America's Farmers to educate consumers about modern agriculture, grow rural communities and schools, and celebrate women in agriculture. It furthers this effort through a variety of programs which include competitions for grants to rural schools, community nonprofits and farm moms.[2]

The campaign website features interviews with farm families and educational quizzes to promote the idea that the role of American family-run farms are underrepresented to the nation as a whole. Through a television, radio, and internet advertisement campaign Monsanto uses these farm families to promote their positive influence on the agriculture community.[3]

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