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Alvin Perlmutter "Emmy award-winning producer of over 100 documentaries, including The Great American Dream Machine, praises the reforms proposed by CIPB (Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting). According to Perlmutter, "Public TV can and should provide hard-hitting documentaries with in-depth analysis of the vital issues of our time. Unfortunately, the increasing reliance on corporate underwriting has deprived the American public of this important service."" [1]

Alvin Perlmutter and Anisa Mehdi were the Executive Producers of the film "Muslims" (2001). [2]

"The program has a $2.1 million production budget and $750,000 outreach budget. Perlmutter’s Independent Production Fund is also producing four half-hours for ABC’s Nightline that will focus on how Islamic people view the West—"why they are wary of us and concerned about our influence, primarily on a moral basis," says Perlmutter. The Nightline segments are scheduled to air in December." [3]

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