Ali Dayan Hasan

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Ali Dayan Hasan has been a Senior South Asia Researcher for Human Rights Watch since 2003. Dividing his time between Pakistan and the Human Rights Watch offices in London and New York, he is responsible for researching, authenticating and writing all reports, backgrounders, briefing papers and press releases produced by Human Rights Watch on Pakistan. He has also worked on Bangladesh.

Ali advocates South Asian human rights concerns globally with regional bodies, national governments, international financial institutions and is a regular contributor on Pakistan in the international media. In addition to television appearances, his opinion pieces have appeared in the Los Angeles Times (LA), International Herald Tribune (Paris), Globe and Mail (Toronto), Jakarta Post (Jakarata), Dawn (Karachi) Daily Times (Lahore), The News (Islamabad). Previously, he was a senior editor at Pakistan’s premier independent political news-monthly magazine, Herald. He has a B.A. from the London School of Economics and a Masters degree from St. Antony’s College Oxford.

During 2006-7, Ali was a Visiting Research Fellow with the Changing Character of War Programme at Oxford University where he concentrated on the U.S.-led "war on terror" with specific reference to Pakistan.