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Alfred J. French III is a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) who has accused U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry of lying about his service in Vietnam. In a sworn affidavit, French states, "Kerry has wildly exaggerated and lied about his record in Vietnam." Link Expired He also made similar statements in a TV ad sponsored by SBVT that aired in Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

French, a prosecutor for the district attorney's office in Clackamas County, Oregon, subsequently stated in an interview with his local newspaper that he did not witness the events in question and was relying on the accounts of other anti-Kerry veterans.Link Expired

This revelation prompted pro-Kerry veterans to rally in front of his office, calling for his resignation. Link Expired

Based on this allegation questioning the veracity of Mr. French's sworn affidavit, the matter was considered by the Oregon State Bar Association which "rejected claims that French lied in his anti-Kerry affidavit."[1]

As French's own credibility came under intense scrutiny, he admitted that he had lied to his boss when confronted about an extramarital affair with a secretary and was placed on 30-day paid leave pending an investigation into his conduct. Link Expired This subsequent investigation by the Office of the Clackamas County District Attorney "concluded that allegations of a 1991 relationsip with a fellow employee were a private matter." [2]

As to an allegation, referenced in the above story, that Mr. French had improperly "used an office computer to compose and print a draft of his affidavit and that an office sercretary (sic) notarized it" [3], "...the state's Elections Division decided he didn't break the law by using publicly owned equipment to prepare an affidavit..." [4]

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