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Alberto Mingardi has been called the "enfant prodige" of European libertarianism. His first book, published at age 17 ("Estremisti della Libertà", Leonardo Facco Editore, Treviglio), was a collection of interviews with libertarian scholars from all over the world.

The preface was signed by former Vice-President of the Mont Pelerin Society Sergio Ricossa. Mingardi is also a protégé of Italian minister of defense Antonio Martino.

Today, at age 23, he is a well-known opinion maker and writes extensively for a wide range of publications, from the left wing Il Riformista [1] to the right wing Libero [2].

His articles also appeared in papers such as the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Hong Kong's Apple Daily. His last book is entitled "Lettera a un amico no global", "Letter to an antiglobalist friend", and attempts to debunk various critical assessment of market globalization.

After having worked for a number of free-market American think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, and the Acton Institute, Mingardi is a Visiting Fellow with the Centre for the New Europe. Mingardi has also founded and directs an Italian free market think tank, the Istituto Bruno Leoni. [3]

In its first months of life, the Istituto Bruno Leoni has campaigned for free labor markets and free trade, against Commissioner Mario Monti interventionist agenda, has been anti-Kyoto urging the Italian government to resign from the Treaty, and has invited Chile's former minister Jose Pinera to explain the succesfull Chilean pension system (