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Abdul Majeed Shoman, wiki former Chairman of Board of Trustees for the Welfare Association (1983-2004).

From 2001: "Abdul Majeed Shoman is Chairman of Arab Bank, plc. Founded in Jerusalem in 1930 by Mr. Shoman's father, Abdul Hameed Shoman, Arab Bank is one of the oldest publicly-held banks, with over 378 branches worldwide.

"Mr. Shoman is a director at Arab Bank-Switzerland, Arab Bank-Austria and Arab Bank-Frankfurt. He also holds directorships at a number of other organizations, including Arab Palestinian Investment Bank, Arab Bank Investment Co. Ltd (London), Commercial Building Co. (Beirut), Arban Computing Investment Co. (Beirut), Arab Computing Company Ltd. (Amman) Jerusalem Development & Investment Co. Ltd. (Amman) Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co. Ltd (Amman), as well as the charitable Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (Amman).

"He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Welfare Association, the Diana Tamari Sabbagh Foundation and the Jordan Medical Aid for Palestinians. Mr. Shoman served as a member of Jordan's Upper House of Parliament for two terms (1987-90 and 1993-97). He holds a BSc and MSc in Economics from New York University.

"Mr. Shoman is the recipient of "Al-Kawakab Al-Urduni," the Grand Cordon of the Order of Al-Istiqlal, Grand Officer of the Order of Al-Istqlal, Al Hussain Decoration for Distinguished Contribution of the First Degree, and Banker of the Year (1995, Union of Arab Banks). Mr. Shoman was the first recipient of ABANA's Banker of the Year award in 1986." [1]

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