A Review of Health References in Cigarette Advertising 1927-1964

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A Review of Health References in Cigarette Advertising 1927-1964

This Brown & Williamson report is a compendium of health references made in cigarette advertisements between 1927 and 1964 (the year the first U.S. Surgeon General's report came out officially linking cigarette smoking with disease). Many of the companies claimed their brands were endorsed by "eminent medical authorities," "prominent athletes," "doctors" and "dentists." In 1953, L&M ads stated, "Just what the doctor ordered." A 1944 ad for Philip Morris cigarettes stated, "facts reported in medical journals on clinical tests made by distinguished doctors. Proof that this better tasting cigarette is better for you..." In 1953, Viceroy claimed, "New King-Size Viceroy gives Double-Barrelled Health Protection." Other ads stated smoking was good for your nerves, gave you a "lift," aided digestion and made other health claims.


Camel, 1934: "Get enough sleep--fresh air--recreation--and watch your smoking...Remember, you can smoke as many Camels as you want. Their costlier tobaccos never jangle your nerves."

Camel, 1936: "...for smoking a Camel chases away all signs of tiredness, I always get a 'lift' with a Camel."

Chesterfield 1953: "The medical specialist, after a thorough examination of every member of the group, stated: 'It is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and accessory organs of all participating subjects examined by me were not adversely affected in the six-month's period by smoking the cigarettes provided.'

"It's so satisfying to know that a doctor reports no adverse effects to the nose, throat and sinuses from smoking Chesterfield."

duMaurier, 1954: "A new frontier in safer smoking..."

"If you have been concerned about your cigarette habit...duMaurier tip filters out so much harmful smoke it will also filter out much of the 'worry' in every puff you take."

Kent, 1952: "If you think you are among these sensitive smokers--if you worry about the harmful effects of smoking...No other cigarette approaches such a degree of health protection and taste satisfaction...This is the story of the birth of a new cigarette and the birth of a new idea in health protection for cigarette smokers...Because this filter is exclusive with KENT, it is possible to say that no other cigarette offers smokers such a degree of health protection and taste satisfaction..."

Kent, 1953: "First cigarette to ever give you black and white proof of greatest health protection...with full smoking pleasure!"

Lucky Strike, 1929: "20,679 physicians have confirmed that LUCKY STRIKE is less irritating to the throat than other cigarettes."

"Many prominent athletes smoke LUCKIES all day long with no harmful effects to wind or physical condition."

Philip Morris, 1939: "Philip Morris--a cigarette recognized by eminent medical authorities for its advantages to nose and throat."

1940: "...superiority recognized by eminent medical authorities..."

1941: "Philip Morris' superiority for the nose and throat is RECOGNIZED by eminent medical authorities: no other cigarette can make that statement."

1954: "The cigarette that takes the FEAR out of smoking!"

Raleigh, 1946: "Now! Medical Science Offers Proof Positive! No other leading cigarette is safer to smoke! No other gives you less nicotine, less throat irritants that the NEW smoother, better tasting Raleigh."

Viceroy, 1936: "Safer smoke for any throat."..."Protects your pearly white teeth."

1952: "Prominent physician tells patients--'Smoke Viceroy Filter-Tip Cigarettes. The nicotine and tars trapped by the Viceroy filter cannot reach mouth, throat or lungs!"

"For greater Health Protection Get Viceroy with the new Health-Guard Filter."

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